Vakoo’s diet and exercise is as chill as she is

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Pfft, if you think Matt – the handsome, tall and smart Astrophysicist – is the shining star of The Bachelor, well hunni, you are wrong.

In fact, the only person who has managed to take centre stage without causing unnecessary drama (yes, looking at you Abbie), is Vakoo Kauapirau.

Oh Vakoo. Vakoo, Vakoo, Vakoo.

It’s strange because as soon as the model made her appearance on The Bachelor, it was as if everyone finally found their long lost soul sister. And it’s all because of her personality – she’s confident, quirky, free-spirited in a chic and classy kind of way, a lil’ cheeky but also a lil’ humble, has sass and is just 100 per cent relatable.

But it’s not just her chill personality we love Vakoo for; the 23-year-old’s approach to diet and exercise makes us adore her even more.

When the body+soul team asked her what her average day on a plate looks like, Vakoo’s response was pleasantly surprising.

“For breakfast I usually have eggs and bacon with avo, or I will have cereal,” the model tells body+soul.

“I don’t have lunch as often as I should because I’m usually doing something. Dinner is always different, but I have pasta at least three times a week.”

Okay, aside from skipping lunch on most days, her diet sounds like something we could definitely get on board with.

And then came her approach to exercise… “I don’t exercise. I really should though, I do a lot of walking but that’s about it.”

She. Doesn’t. Exercise.

I mean, can you get anymore chill than that?

And when she’s not exercising or eating pasta, Vakoo is doing what she loves the most: “Watching Netflix or napping.”

Vakoo for PM or the next Bachelorette? Yes, please.

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